Macrocycle 1/Microcycle 1 (Acceleration)/Nanocycle 2 (Adaptation)/Session 1

10:30 Jog to Hudson’s Field

Joint Mobility 
Ankle Circles
Knee Circles
Hip Circles
Trunk Rotations
4 Way Neck Stretch
Wrist Circles

Movement Exercises 30m Down & Back 
FWD Lunge X 10 Skip FWD w/ Arm Circles
BKW Lunge X 10 Skip BWD using Arms
Drop Lunge- FWD X 10 Side Slide
Speed Skaters X 10 Backward Run
Single Leg Squat (L) X 10 Karioka Step Over
Single Leg Squat (R) X 10 A Skips

Dynamic Mobility 
Fire Hydrants
Iron Cross
Scissors & Splits
Hurdle Seat Rollover
Lateral & Linear Leg Swings

3×2 Hill Sprints at 100% effort

Set 1: 2 pt start light incline

Set 2: 3 pt start medium incline

Set 3: 4 pt start high incline

5 min recovery

11:30 Jog back return to Track, ready for Lewis Session at 12:00

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