Day 2 Video Log


Beast Camp Training – Day 2

Training Day 2 was tough. 4 sets of 15 exercises. 1 minute each. 5 minutes recovery. Each set focussed on a different area. Here they are:

Set 1 -Core
1 – Sky divers
2 – Sit ups
3 – Burpees
4 – V-up roll-ups
5 – Crunchy Frogs
6 – Heels to heaven
7 – Crunchies
8 – Mason twists
9 – Side ups L
10 – Side ups R
11 – Plank jumps left and right
12 – Roll backs
13 – Alt arm/leg superman
14 – Elbow knee twist sits L
15- Elbow knee twists sits R

5 minutes rest

Set 2 – General
1 – Push ups
2 – Wide arm push ups
3 – Diamond push ups
4 – Burpees
5 – 8 count Burpees
6 – Alt leg push up
7 – High/Low planks
8 – Spiderman walks back and forward
9 – Bends and MFs
9 – Push up and full twist
10- Rocket jumps
11- Alternating superman
12-Prone walkout
13-L seats
14-Knee bent core rotations
15-Alt leg shoulder bridge

5 minutes rest

Set 3 – Leg
1 – Squat
2 – Squat jumps
3 – Lunges forward alternate leg
4 – Lunges Backward alternate leg
5 – Side lunges alternate leg
6 – Ski downs
7 – Hurdle hops
8 – Crouch square
9 – Mary Kate Jump lunge
10 – Squat walks forward and backward
11 – Squat shuffles forward and backward
12- Jumping Jacks
13 – Cossack dance
14 – Highland flings
15 – Speed Skaters

5 minutes rest

Set 4 – Hip
1 – Windscreen wipers
2 – Leg raises
3 – Heismans 3 step
4 – Wide outs
5 – Single leg squat L
6 – Single leg squat R
7 – Squat thrust
8 – Alternate leg squat thrust
9 – Alternate leg wide outs
10 – Side leg raise L
11 – Side leg raise R
12 – Lateral leg splits
13 – Vertical leg splits
14 – Shot put legs L
15 – Shot put legs R


I also got harder with lateness, turning away 5 athletes for coming after the warm-up.

Day 1 Video Log



Day Zero – Project Elite

This will now be focused on a one-year training program to deliver Jake Ness to the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing in the 400m and for delivering Lizzie Clifford to World Junior Championships in Oregon. There will also be general training information for the City of Salisbury Sprint Group as a whole.

We will cover as much information as possible. Training programmes in detail and in overview, how the training went, times and test data, weights, 1RMs video logs and all the sundry information that we can cover, like food, hydration, races etc.

A lot of this will also cover other members of the team, but this blog will be specific to Jake. If people have comments or questions on the training please add them. We are happy to share our experience and obviously we have no idea whether we will succeed or fail.

The starting point is that we heard about the YOG in 2014. The difference in age group means that Ben Robbins and a couple of others are too old (although we wish Ben all the best in getting to the World Juniors – he’s a great athlete and we’d love to see him get there). At the moment though we don’t know if GB are even taking a team and what they will set the standards to. For now, we are just going to work on the assumption that they are and going with the World Junior qualifying standard from 2103 of 48.00.

At the moment, that puts Jake in pole position, although Kim Sobotie and Matthew Pagan are snapping at his heels. We have decided to give it the full Dave Brailsford treatment and look for the marginal gains over and above the regular training. We have three coaches supporting Jake and adding in their ideas.

The rough cut plan will be added onto this blog which will cover right up to the outdoor season and the qualifying period. We will also cover specific training calendars and sessions.

The training plan for 2013_14 is based on last years Clyde Hart-style plan, overlaid with Vern Gambettas 14 day microcycle principle which I really liked.

Additionally, we have added the following:

  • A daily nutrition plan
  • A warm weather training camp in Q1 2014
  • Intermittent Hypoxic training in April and May
  • A hook up with Beet-it for beetroot juice on their elite program.
  • An active recovery swimming session instead of complete rest on Sundays.

Competition level will be naturally higher due to the U20 age group, but the aim will be to run at the highest possible level all year. This will include trying to secure and invite for the British Indoor Champs, and for the Loughborough and Bedford Internationals. Ideally this will represent in the national junior squads but we will cover our bases here in the first instance.

More details will be added as we go along, but this is Day 1 of 238 to the end of qualifying (assumed end of June). It all starts now.