Macrocycle 1/Microcycle 3 (Speed)/Nanocycle 1 (Preparation)/Session 1

Great technical session last night in the first speed preparation session.

As I said to the juniors, the warm up is our standard competition warm up so you need to at least know the order of the warm up and the general exercises:


Skipping forwards and backwards

Floor mobility and leg swings

Drills and build-ups

Which would then be followed by progressive technical build ups up to 100% with some block starts for seniors.

There was excellent progression last night, but it is getting cold so you must bring the right kit. Layer up so you can remove layers and add them back in as the night progresses. Also gloves are a good ice as I’ve said before.

Thursday will be form sprinting, where we will progressively increase your speed and attempt to hold perfect form as we do so.

Well done to everyone, but just a note to the Sprint Group, please maintain discipline – no messing around, I have too big a group for anyone to be distracting each other, plus lane discipline is critical or someone is going to get hurt when we have so many athletes on the track.

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