Speed endurance – lactic death

So we were back on the speed endurance train this week and the lactic gorilla was well and truly in evidence. 10×200@30/34 with 2 minutes recovery.

Tears and vomit were the order of the day for some. Speed endurance is what sorts out the monsters from the minnows. It is where you have to learn how hard you can push. There are some coaches who don’t believe that anyone should be pushed that hard.

Well, here’s the thing. I don’t shout and scream to get people through it. They do it or they don’t do it. I can’t do it for them and they either learn how hard they can push or they don’t. It’s a mental thing.

On the other hand, there were some excellent results last night. A few athletes hit the numbers, including some short sprinters, for whom this is a tough session. The seniors worked well as expected. Amy, Lizzie and Freya covering all the reps even though it hurt. Special mention to Alice for stepping up into the seniors an bossing it. Extra special mention to Ailsa for being the only junior to complete all the reps, despite suffering with stitch with 4 still to go.

All the senior boys hit the numbers including Callum who is a senior in all but name because of Rugby.

Good work all. Kosmin test tomorrow and then 2x600s on Saturday and that is SE done for a few weeks!

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