Videos from Saturday 23 November 100m Tests


Apologies for the blockiness of some of the video. Not sure what has happened with the slow mo, but I’ll try and get it sorted for next time. However, there is sufficient in there to gauge the following:

Starts (obviously I can’t see everyone due to the angle):

Jonathon – we need to have a look at what’s gone on there as that first half step with your front foot is odd. It shouldn’t happen. We might have to switch your feet and your set position needs work.

Freya – too low in set.

Keith – too high in set.

Jacob – good set position. A bit more drive required and get that rear arm back further to match, but a good starting motion.

Amy – kept foot low which is much better than last year.

All (first group) – Not enough power in the first foot drive so the front leg is coming only half forward and down, instead of driving backward when it comes under. This means the shin angle on the first step is very high.

Jake – too low in set position. From rear view, it’s clear that the drive is about 30 degrees across the track instead of in a straight line. Body is heavily rotating left on the first step.

Charlie/Austen – too far over your hands in set.

Abbey/Trevor – good set position.

Its clear from the senior men videos that Austen’s drive phase is much longer than everyone else’s and although he is ahead by about 0.3-0.4 seconds by the end of the run based on the times, these lead is complete by the 35-40m mark as everyone is upright 10m before Austen and he is still accelerating. Remember the speedmakers!!!!!!

Charlie – your arms are still coming outwards and this can be seen really well in the erar video.

Group 2 – in the starts, good shin angles on the first step and good backwards drive and low foot recovery. Well done!

Austen – arms a little acute, flapping rather than driving. compare yours to Trevor’s.

Side view slow mo everyone. Look at the backside mechanics – watch the motion of your feet and where they go, how high they come behind your butt. This is not how we drill. Although the video is a bit blocky, look at Austen’s and Trevor’s and how flat the shin stays through the recovery. This means when the lead foot strikes, the recovery knee is level with the standing knee. This is what we want.

Also, great arm actions pretty much across the board. Well done all.

Group 1 from rear:

Amy – a bit over rotating (side to side movement) in the first few steps.

Freya – a bit low in the first few steps.


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