Important advice – Competition day

We have a lot of debutantes at the Metaswitch games and also some people who haven’t competed indoors before so here are some important tips:

1. Although you are indoors, it isn’t always warm, in fact it is often quite cool, so bring warm tracksuits. Uniform for the club is black or white tracksuit bottoms and either the blue hoodie/windcheater or the team jacket.

2. Make sure you have a club vest. The club is transporting you to and from the event, you are representing the club. Wear your vest with pride.

3. Wear your training top. When we are in the warm up area we are going to flood it with black and white warm up tops. We’re here on business, team!!

4. Bring plenty to eat and drink. We will be setting out at 9am and we will get back to Salisbury about 9pm. We won’t be stopping so bring a packed lunch with enough to cover that timescale. And bring plenty of energy drink or juice with you. Most of you will be racing 3 times, that’s three warm ups and three recoveries. Bear that in mind.

5. Bring something to do. It’s about 2 and 1/2 hours on the coach there and back and there is some hanging around between races. It can be boring. Bring your homework.

6. Make sure your phone is charged. Your parents are going to want to know how you get on and will also need to know what time we’re going to arrive back.

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