Metaswitch Games, race comments

Apologies for the delay.  Here are short comments on the race videos.


Trevor: Slow start. Not up to usual standard (for a start)

Dean: Set position needs to be more stable. Backside mechanics – leg recovery needs to be a bit shorter, shin angle closer to horizontal during recovery. Looked to be struggling for endurance in the last 10 metres.

Charlie: Good start. Elbows a little tight which is causing body roll in the latter stages. Arms need to sweep more on downswing.

Andrew: Generally good. Need to see how it all holds together when pushed harder, but no issues from this race.

Jonathon: Very good, just needs a little speed endurance. Technically no issues.

Callum: Generally no issues, just needs greater foot turnover.

Amy: Great start. Slightly short on the frontside mechanics but arms were full ROM. Not sure why this is.

Freya: Arms are swinging rather than sweeping and a long way out in front which will roll the body.

Skye: Very long on the backside mechanics which is shortening the front significantly.

Abbey: Great start. Slightly short on the frontside but not overly long on the back. Difficult to tell on the video without the benefit of slow mo, but I think his hips have an anterior tilt which may be blocking the front side.

Keith: Swinging arms and short steps. Needs to improve foot turnover.

Alice: Locked elbows, long backside mechanics.

Katie: Decent start. Leg wobble caused by a non-linear leg action. (Exercises to do on here hips to correct this). Good backside mechanics, but short on the front.

Jacob: Apart from being DQd, Technically very good.

Josh H: No issues. Very good.

Josh D: Very short front and back side mechanics caused by very rigid arms.

1 Great start strong finish
2 Poor start very strong finish.

For 60m may need to come out of drive phase a little earlier than for a 100m.

Good start but didn’t seem to get to full speed.

1 and 2 Great start but never got to full speed mechanics which means front leg is casting forward.

Arms swinging instead of sweeping.

Great acceleration and good form.

Josh H
Good start but lacked power to fully accelerate.

Josh D
Good power at the start but arms at the back are short so stopping the translation of the power of the step into the stride.

Great acceleration throughout, very fast feet. Nice

Good start, lost ground when trying to ‘race’

A little bit overbalanced in set. Never got to full height.
Better all round.

Good acceleration but didn’t come up to full height. Set position slightly overbalanced and arms locked out.

Arms! Should run an 800m like a slower sprint. 

Laps 1 and 2 were okay. Arms were a little stiff.
Lap 3 was plodding (action) arms were very short, steps were short and had no power.
Lap times 33, 35, 38, 40.

Great arm action. Good pacing 27, 30, 31, 31. 
Would have shaved time by overtaking on the straight instead of the bend.

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