Meso Cycle 3 – Training Plan update

After the results of the competitions and the testing, I have now updated the training plan. The groups will be reorganised. We will continue to warm up in the two groups with the Seniors starting at 6.20 to allow the Senior group to include 10 minutes of plyos.

After warm ups the groups will be split into 3 sections (4 when the hurdlers are training with Lucy.)

The 3 sections will be

Long Sprinters (U17 only) who will follow a speed endurance derived program.

Senior Short Sprinters – Andrew and Austen will work on sled pulls, parachute work and high intensity work outs. These two will have their own ploy workout using med balls and power bags.

Everyone else – will follow a similar format to last mess cycle of Speed, Speed Endurance and Acceleration.

Please find the latest training plan attached.

Training Plan 2013_14 Jan MacroCycle

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