SEAA Indoor Championships @seaacompetition @cosalisburyarc

So much info.
Day 1
Top of the pops was Austen Lane’s silver in the u17m 200m with 23.05s. Austen was very unlucky not to take gold when he stumbled down the ramp coming into the final straight. Great result though.
Jonathon Batchelor also medalled with a bronze in the u15b 200m and a pb of 24.51
Callum MacTaggart pb of 24.59 in u17m 200m made semi final.
Meg Siddle pb of 28.36 for a pb in u17w and Meg Price an indoor pb of 29.36.
Alex James pb of 26.06 and Dean Hodgson pb of 26.96 in u17m 200m
Charlie Britten DQ in SM 200m for lane violation. Trevor Cobs Alexander’s on pb of 24.03
Jake Ness 5th in SM final with an indoor pb of 22.51

Day 2
Callum MacTaggart 60m pb 7.64
Alex James 60m pb 8.02
Abbey Babatunde pb of 7.54
Andrew Pryde pb of 7.34
Keith Cullen Bachiller pb of 8.19
Austen Lane knocked out in second round with a pb of 7.38
Jake Ness out in first round with 7.54
Tsungai Chadhliwa goes out in 1st round but scores a pb of 8.82
Ellica Fillingham progresses to second round of u15g with a pb of 8.64
JCob Collins progresses to 2nd round of u15b with a pb of 7.71



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