Summer season training – March onwards

Updated training plan should be up in the next few days.

Because of the lights I have had to bin the programme we were doing and move to what we can do. This means we will be training to a ‘long-to-short’ programme. There are three basic types of training programmes. ‘Long -to-short’, ‘short-to-long’ and a composite.

We tend to do a composite where the training is built up in layers which gets progressively faster and harder as the season progresses. I do this because I think it fits better with competing in both indoor and outdoor seasons.

A ‘short-to-long’ programme is basically exactly what it says. You start with the technical abilities and speed over a short distance and then build it up until you are at full race distance and speed ready for the peak. It is probably best summed up by Latif Thomas who says “You can’t endure speed if you haven’t got it”

A long-to-short programme starts at distance and gets progressively quicker and higher intensity. This is a similar principle to how Clyde Hart trained Michael Johnson.

Because on’t have lights for another 5-6 weeks we are going to have to be a little bit creative. This will mean switching between hill work on the estate and tempos on the bit of track that has light for a few weeks until the clocks change. By then we will have a good base and can start to speed up.

However, Saturday morning sessions will be open to anyone in my team who wish to train, to do a bit more interesting track work instead of just the grind.

We only have 12 weeks to our peak competition season, and then it’s pretty much all over. There will be some of you that will be competing at the U17/U15 nationals at the end of August and others that will compete there in the relay championships but we will deal with that after this phase.

Obviously we will all keep training until the end of August regardless.

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