Competitions 2014 Season – Advice and Fixtures

City of Salisbury ARC League Fixtures 2014

Under 15 and below compete in the Wessex League. All eligible athletes are expected to make themselves available for these fixtures:

27/04 Basingstoke
08/06 Andover
06/07 Salisbury
20/07 Andover
U20 and above compete in the Southern Athletics League. All eligible athletes are expected to make themselves available for these fixtures:
19/04 Eastbourne
17/05 Salisbury
21/06 Braunton
12/07 Aldershot
02/08 Yeovil
U17 athletes are the lucky ones. They get to compete in both leagues listed above. They aren’t on the same days or even on the same weekend. Again, all eligible athletes are expected to make themselves available for these fixtures.
The county championships on 24 May at Tidworth is mandatory for all my team. It is the premier event for most of you. Being a county champion or medallist is definitely something to aspire to. The entry link is here:
If you have questions on anything on this post please follow the link below and post them there.

General advice

For those of us who come from a team sport background, entries to athletics competitions can be confusing. I will try and explain it as best I can here.
There are 3 types of competition:

Club competitions are league competitions where the club has arranged entry. There are two track and field competitions (listed above), the Wessex League for U17 to U13 and the Southern Athletics League for U17 upwards. U17 are the only age group eligible to compete in both.
There is also a recruitment campaign to get athletes to put their names down for the competitions about 2 weeks beforehand.
It is my belief that all athletes should compete at all club competitions unless they have a very good reason. Playing another sport to being too busy is not a reason. We coach the athletes for 49 weeks a year and, in return, we expect you to compete in about 5 competitions. Thats a 10 to 1 ratio, so it isn’t too much to ask. I will stop coaching athletes who won’t compete for the club, so be warned. There is also usually one county representative event per year which falls into this category.

School competitions are interesting. You train all year at the club, but the most important competitions of the year are for the school, with no relevance to the club at all. Interesting because everyone at the club knows that and we don’t mind. The two most prestigious events in the school-age calendar is the English Schools Championships and if you’re good enough, the Sainsbury’s School Games. Nothing else compares. The coaches will do everything they can to get you there. Our training calendar is arranged around peaking for the English Schools.

The final category is Open events. Open events are just that. They are open to anyone (although some have entry standards) and these are where you represent the club, but you enter yourself. We will often pick out a few highlight events that we try to get a large group to, but these are optional. Open events can be difficult to spot, because they are hosted by varying institutions. SEAA, England Athletics, Wiltshire Athletics, individual clubs etc. If you want to run on any particular weekend, winter or summer, chances are there is an open event you can enter. Feel free to enter these as you wish. Mention it to your coach so that they know you’re competing as we are genuinely interested in how you get on, but you don’t need permission.
The important thing to remember is that most competitions, you have to enter yourself although I will try and post up as many as possible that we might have representatives at.
Examples of open championships that you have to enter yourself for even though you are representing the club:
Wiltshire County Championships
England Age Group national championships
South of England AA (SEAA) Indoor and Outdoor Championships
Metaswitch games.

Just remember, it isn’t like a team sport where there is a fixture list and you just turn up where you’re told. I do as much as I can for you but you have a lot more responsibility. I also won’t know you’ve entered, or what events you’re in unless you tell me! Assume nothing.

We are attempting to have all the important events posted on the City of Salisbury Calendar, which will include links to the event where possible. If in doubt, ask.DSC_0002

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