Sprint training plan update

There will be a change to the sprint training plan from tonight. I haven’t had time to transfer it into the plan yet, but the structure of the training will become complex so we will be training all the systems in each session during this final preparation phase.

So for example, the sessions will restructured like this:

400m jog

400m dynamic mobility


Hurdle mobility (seniors with med ball)


Plyometrics (e.g. 4x50m bounds)

Technical warm up (e.g. running over micro hurdles)

Complex session (e.g., tonight will be 6x30m accelerations; 2x2pt, 2x3pt, 2x4pt alternating front leg; then 3x30m fly; then 2x120m @95%)

Miniature exercise circuit


Cool down.

Believe it or not, that little lot will still take 90 minutes, if we stay focused.

The Sprint team will follow a slightly different order to that above so that the sessions do not clash.

Some nights we will split long and short sprinters but tonight both will be together.

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