Sprint Performance – Wiltshire County Championships

City of Salisbury Sprint Performance

Saturday was a great day in terms of sprint performance for the Sprint Team once the rain eventually stopped. There were some excellent performances and some outstanding pb’s considering the rain and the wind.

It is difficult to pull out highlights because there were so many, so I can only comment on the two championship records. Austen Lane won double gold against old rival Will Kennedy in the 100m and 200m with the 100m breaking the championship record. The finishes were very tight, none more so than the 100m which were separated by only 1/100th second. Thank heavens for photo-finish.

Jacob Ness broke his own championship record in the 400m with a 48.73, knocking ½ second off last years mark. This was his first proper race after struggling with a niggling hamstring since the start of the year so it was a relief for all of us for him to put in a decent performance.

Summary is 9 Golds, 9 silver, 7 bronze and 11 personal best performances and two Championship Records.

See the full list below:


Austen Lane 100m (CR), 200m

Alice Smith 200m, 300m

Callum MacTaggart 400m

Jacob Ness 400m (CR)

Lizzie Clifford 400mH

Siddle/Fordham/Price/Smith U17W 4x100m

Babatunde/Alexanderson/MacTaggart/Pryde Sm 4x100m


Trevor Alexanderson 100m

Bea Fordham 100m, 200m

Jacob Collins 200m

Ailsa Rauh 75mH

Dan Pereira 80mH

Hamish Mundell 110mH, 400mH

Batchelor/Collins/Goldsmith/Pereira U15B 4x100m


Jacob Collins 100m

Tsungai Chadhliwa 200m

Jon Batchelor 200m, 300m

Katie George 200m

Trevor Alexanderson 200m

Meg Siddle 300m

Personal Best performances:

Tsungai Chadhliwa 14.28 100m

Katie George 28.99 200m

Kitty Smithson 29.18 200m

Megan Price 28.68 200m; 46.51 300m

Jacob Collins 24.8 200m

Keith Cullen Bachiller 26.53 200m

Alice Smith 43.53 300m

Jon Batchelor 38.65 300m

Ailsa Rauh 13.21 75mH

Dan Pereira 13.40 80mH

Competition Day Advice

We have a lot of people who haven’t competed before so here are some important tips plus a reminder for those who might need it:

1. It is going to be cold and wet, so bring warm tracksuits and rain kit.

2. Make sure you have a club vest. You are representing the club. Wear your vest with pride. A base layer beneath your club vest is okay.

3. Bring plenty to eat and drink. Most of you will be racing twice, that’s two warm ups and two recoveries. Bear that in mind.

5. Bring something to do. There is some hanging around between races. It can be boring. Bring your homework or your revision if you like!

6. Make sure your phone is charged.

7. Give yourself plenty of time to warm up. Allow an hour to get race ready.

8. Keep mobile between races. Don’t sit around for 2 hours doing nothing.

9. Done get down to your race gear until you are called to the start. Stay warm right to the last moment.

Track and Field Results – SAL Salisbury

Sprint Team track and field results and performances from the weekend (Sprints only and no non-sprinters, although I’ve included Tom’s 800 as it was a sprint for him and he trains with us.)

Overall there were 16 personal best performances and 4 Club Records. There were 3 x 1st places, 8 x 2nd places and 1 x 3rd places.

PBs as follows:


Keith 12.6

Austen 11.0 CR

Rich 11.3

Trevor 11.4

Callum 11.7

Alice 13.3

Meg 13.7


Austen 22.1 CR

Trevor 23.1

Meg 27.6

Callum 52.3

Tom 1’58.4


Hamish 20.9


Charlie 67.9


Abz, Trevor, Austen, Andrew 44.2 CR


Charlie, Gio, Trevor, Rich 3’29.4 CR

Wiltshire County Athletics Championships

Wiltshire County Athletics Championships is less than there weeks away.

The county championships are the pinnacle for many athletes and it acts as a club championships for us in the absence of our own. We have an outstanding record at the Counties as a club.

Many of you haven’t entered yet, and if you aren’t entered shortly,  your names won’t be entered on the photo finish system, on the tee shirts or in the program. Also entering on the day is more expensive.

Get on with it! Here’s the link to help you along.


Sprint Training Session 03/05/14

Sprint Training Session

Continuing with the Complex Training Sessions

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 19.24.38

Sprint Training Session 01/05/14

Sprint Training Session

Continuing with the Complex Training Sessions

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 16.47.32

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Sprint team performance from Basingstoke

Sprint team performances from the weekend (in the sprints – doesn’t include non-sprinting events or non-sprinters doing sprints) 

Overall of 23 events contested  the sprint team took: 
9 1st place 
5 2nd place 
5 3rd place 

There were 18 PB performances 
13.0Dan PereiraPBU15M
12.1Callum MacTaggartPBU17M

12.2Jacob CollinsPB
13.6Joshua DaviesPB
14.0Katie GeorgePBU15W
22.3Austen LanePBU17M
24.8Jacob CollinsPBU15M
26.8Alice SmithPBU17W
27.8Skye AllenPBU15W
29.0Katie GeorgePBU15W
39.2Jonathan BatchelorPBU15

44.2Alice SmithPBU17W 

26.3 Josh Hole 200m U15B 
27.1 Keith Cullen Bachiller 200m U20M 
16.10 Daniella Brown 100m U15G 
13.2 Josh Hole 100m U15B 
12.9 Keith Cullen Bachiller 100m U20M