Competition Day Advice

We have a lot of people who haven’t competed before so here are some important tips plus a reminder for those who might need it:

1. It is going to be cold and wet, so bring warm tracksuits and rain kit.

2. Make sure you have a club vest. You are representing the club. Wear your vest with pride. A base layer beneath your club vest is okay.

3. Bring plenty to eat and drink. Most of you will be racing twice, that’s two¬†warm ups and two¬†recoveries. Bear that in mind.

5. Bring something to do. There is some hanging around between races. It can be boring. Bring your homework or your revision if you like!

6. Make sure your phone is charged.

7. Give yourself plenty of time to warm up. Allow an hour to get race ready.

8. Keep mobile between races. Don’t sit around for 2 hours doing nothing.

9. Done get down to your race gear until you are called to the start. Stay warm right to the last moment.

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