Sprint team performance from Basingstoke

Sprint team performances from the weekend (in the sprints – doesn’t include non-sprinting events or non-sprinters doing sprints) 

Overall of 23 events contested  the sprint team took: 
9 1st place 
5 2nd place 
5 3rd place 

There were 18 PB performances 
13.0Dan PereiraPBU15M
12.1Callum MacTaggartPBU17M

12.2Jacob CollinsPB
13.6Joshua DaviesPB
14.0Katie GeorgePBU15W
22.3Austen LanePBU17M
24.8Jacob CollinsPBU15M
26.8Alice SmithPBU17W
27.8Skye AllenPBU15W
29.0Katie GeorgePBU15W
39.2Jonathan BatchelorPBU15

44.2Alice SmithPBU17W 

26.3 Josh Hole 200m U15B 
27.1 Keith Cullen Bachiller 200m U20M 
16.10 Daniella Brown 100m U15G 
13.2 Josh Hole 100m U15B 
12.9 Keith Cullen Bachiller 100m U20M 

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