24 hours 1440 Minutes 86400 Seconds

Use your time wisely. You and opponent have exactly the same amount. The question is, which one of you will get the most out of it.

24 hours 1440 minutes 86400 seconds

24 hours 1440 Minutes 86400 Seconds

Tick, tock, tick, tock. Wasting time or using it wisely?

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Don’t let your competition get ahead of you. Their clock is ticking too.

Desire and Motivation – Time to choose who you are

The ‘Duvet’ moment – the point when all hinges on whether you kick off the duvet or hit the snooze button.

Where everything stems from – the training session and another day of progress, or the lazy day that you regret and can never get back.

Desire and Motivation

Desire and Motivation

Do you have the desire to kick off that duvet? Which athlete are you going to be?

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Talent + Hard Work = Success

If you have earned your talent and you are putting in the work, then you WILL be successful.

It is a simple equation. Almost a law of nature.

Talent + Hard Work = Success.

Talent Hard Work Success

It’s as easy as 2+2 and as simple as A-B-C

You don’t need to be a genius┬áto work it out, but you do need to be an athlete to end at the outcome!

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Work the Hardest

Work the hardest. When you line up against your opponent, look them in the eye and know there is no way they worked harder than you. When you realise that, you will win.

Work the hardest

Work the Hardest

How much effort are you truly putting in. Is it every single day, every single training session, every single set and every single rep. Because if you aren’t there is someone out there who is and when you meet them, they will beat you.

Don’t let that happen.

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You better hope your competition doesn’t read it first.

Become a Champion – Be the best you can be

You don’t become a champion by hoping, It takes work, grind, effort, sweat and tears.



Become a Champion

Make all your effort count. The right type of training the right level of effort applied in the right way and at the right time is crucial.

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Roadblocks to Success in Sport

We all hit roadblocks at some time in our lives. In sport, it might be an injury, a new competitor or anything.

It is not a matter of whether you will hit one, it is a matter of when.

And then, it is a matter of how you deal with the roadblocks in front of you that determines whether you will be successful.


Roadblocks to Success

Preparing yourself for the roadblocks in whatever form they take is important. Preparation is key.

Obstacles are there to be overcome and a setback is just a set up for a comeback.

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Have belief

People need to understand that if you have belief in yourself, this is not arrogant. You know how hard you are going to have to work. You know nothing will be handed to you on a plate. What you need now is to do that work and believe with every fibre of your being that you will achieve success.

Have belief

Have Belief

Having belief, getting support, realising your dream. These are all things you need to be prepared for. Read The Sports Motivation Masterplan to find out how.

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Obstacles to Success

Obstacles to success are temporary. Change your language. Use the word “YET” more often. Everyone hits obstacles. Something is in your way, a person, a competitor, an injury, so you haven’t achieved what you wanted to achieve……..YET!

Obstacles to success

Obstacles to Success – How to overcome them.

To overcome your obstacles you can’t let them defeat you. Change your mindset. Look past them to see where you are going and they will become smaller.

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Success by Purposeful Practise

Success is doing things correctly, over and over again. Remember practice makes permanent!


Achieve Success

To achieve success and find out what purposeful practise means, go to The Sports Motivation Masterplan.


Sport Performance: Improving by Polarisation

Sport Polarisation is more than just prioritisation of your sport performance over other things. Prioritisation means varying degrees of priority, shades of grey. Polarisation is binary. There are no shades of agree, there are “1’s” and “0’s”

Sport Performance

If you want to become elite, you need to polarise your life around your sport. The only things that are”1’s” in your life are the things you must do (school or work) and the sport you want to become elite at. Everything else is only added in after those two things are taken care of.

That’s what polarisation means. Read more about sports polarisation in The Sports Motivation Masterplan.


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