Tolerance for Pain and Sacrifice

Training is tough. It can be brutal. It costs you, in time, in money, sometimes it costs you friends.

You have to have a high tolerance for pain and sacrifice

Tolerance for Pain

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Tolerance for Pain and Sacrifice

It isn’t all bad! The sacrifice is worth it when you are standing on the top of the podium in front of a large crowd. 

Sacrifice is not a permanent thing, you are just delaying some things until later in your life. Pain is temporary. Winning is forever.

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Plastic Brits and the Postcode Lottery



Opportunity follows struggle, effort and hard work

Don’t wait for opportunity to come knocking. Opportunity only comes knocking for those who have stood up and made opportunity notice them.

Additionally, you have to be ready to take your opportunity when it does come.


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Create the Opportunity

To create an opportunity and to be ready to take it when it comes takes effort, grind and preparation.

Learn how to prepare for your opportunity.

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Obsessed or dedicated?

You say “Obsessed” like it’s a bad thing!

Obsessed, dedicated, call it what you want. It’s commitment. I’m committed to achieving my dream.

Obsessed or dedicated

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Obsessed or dedicated?

Is there a difference between obsessed or dedicated? Does it matter.

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Success or failure; My Choice, My responsibility

The only person who can decide whether you will succeed or fail is you.

No-one can make you feel like you won’t succeed without your permission.

How you perceive obstacles is your choice. Are they challenges, or insurmountable?

Only you can choose.

Success or Failure

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Success or Failure

What will you choose? Success or failure? Challenge or Insurmountable Obstacle?

The choice is yours, but see The Sports Motivation Masterplan to help you make it.

Exceptional Performance

Be exceptional

There are always people who will tell you that you can’t. Their excuses will be because of your background, your location, your size, your shape, your weight, your genetics, your colour, your race, your country.

Find the exceptions. There are always exceptions.

And whenever there is an exception, there cannot be a rule, a theory or even a hypothesis. If there is one exception, there will be others.

Exceptional Performance

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Be the next one.

Exceptional Performance

Exceptional performance requires exceptional people. Don’t allow anyone to tell you that you aren’t. If they tell you that you aren’t the right anything, then they are telling you that you are exceptional! See how you can prove them right with The Sports Motivation Masterplan.