Insanity at Beast Camp week 1 part 2

Beast Camp Insanity Exercises

Day 3 exercises, by Coach Jenny were performed in 9 sets of 5 exercises of 1 minute each with 1 minute recovery between sets.

Exercises were as follows:


  1. Quick tap toes – Stand sideways to ladder alternate feet in an out of the same 2 ladder squares as fast as possible (low movement) – 1
  2. Forward/Backward Jumps – Feet shoulder width – jump forwards over the line then jump back over the line and repeat. – 1
  3. In/Out Jumps – Starting with feet together jump in and out of the squares moving forwards 10 jumps and backwards 10 jumps (repeat) – 1
  4. Fast High Knees – Move forward alternating high knees to end of ladder or for 10 metres jog back to start and repeat. – 1
  5. Hop Scotch – Forwards hopping on L then turn round and repeat on R (10 metres) – 2
  6. Lateral Feet Drills – stepping both feet to the centre, out to the R, back to the centre out to the L moving up the ladder when you return to the centre – 3
  7. In/Out Drills – step outside ladder one at a time the inside on next square and repeat – 1
  8. In/Out Repeat – standing sideways to the ladder, quick steps inside the ladder (or over the line) then step backwards outside the ladder. – 1
  9. Agility Heisman – Moving Right start with right leg, step both feet in each ladder for 5 squares finishing on R leg with left leg in high knee position, move back to the left do the same. – 2
  10. Forward & Back Agility Heisman – moving forwards quick legs start on right leg, pause in high knee position on Right repeat alternating high knee position every 3rd Move forward 10 squares (or metres) run back to start and repeat. – 2
  11. Stationary Criss Cross & Power Jump – criss cross legs ( L over R then R over L) followed by a power jump (same as tuck jump but feet and knees wide apart landing in semi squat position) and repeat. – 4
  12. Agility Hurdle – Run with one foot in the ladder (or on the line) other foot outside. Run 4 steps with 4th as a high knee (being leg inside ladder). After 5 high knees run back to start and repeat on opposite leg. – 3
  13. Moving Agility Push-Up – Press up position, move to the right and push-up (x2) repeat moving to the left – 4
  14. Walking High Plank – Remain in high plank position and use hands and feet to move to the R x3 the back to the L x 3 and repeat keeping core and lats tight at all times – 3
  15. Fast Legs – move up the ladder (line for 10m) sideways stepping fast with both feet in each square moving arms fast, at the end get in 2pt start position with hand to the floor and run back to start repeat facing opposite way. – 2
  16. Agility Toe Taps – adopt press up style position with feet in one square (or line) move to the R 5 squares tapping both feet in each square using arms to move along the ladder repeat to L. (Keep core tight and back as straight as possible) – 3
  17. Mountain Climber Progression – Press up position over the ladder, alternate feet (running) short distance to start with (i.e. run feet into first step on ladder) for 20 secs, bring feet closer (2nd square) for 20 secs, alternate feet as close to chest as possible for final 20secs (will be slower). – 3
  18. Moving Push Up Progression – Moving push ups to the R x 3 followed by a squat thrust, repeat to the L – 4
  19. In/Out Agility Hop – Start with both feet on outside (same side) of the ladder. With outer leg run 3 steps with 4th, 8th , 12th etc inside ladder, continue for 20 steps, hop backwards to the start with wide feet and do a burpee. Repeat on opposite side. – 4
  20. Agility Sequence – Using 2 squares or line on the track, jumping wide leg sprints back and forth for 10 jumps followed by 10 fast toe taps finish in set position (like a lunge) and repeat – 2
  21. Criss Cross Jumping Jacks – Jumping Jacks crossing feet over in front and behind – 1
  22. Agility Bear Crawl – Hands and feet wide on the floor, crawl 4 large paces forwards bring feet together, move backwards with wide hands and feet, put hands together, and repeat – 3
  23. In/Out Ab Progression – squat thrust feet moving in 1 square for 30 secs, then repeat bringing feet closer to chest (2-3 squares) for 30 secs – 4
  24. Agility Stork Touch – Hop diagonally through the ladder from L-R-L-R on 1 leg touching the inside of ladder when hopping on outside, repeat on opposite leg – 3
  25. Agility Touch Squats – Squat jump forward touch floor, squat jump backwards touch floor – 3
  26. Agility Dual Hop – Feet together jump from L-Centre-R and back again moving up the ladder repeat backwards. – 2
Difficulty Rating – 1 Difficulty Rating – 2 Difficulty Rating – 3 Difficulty Rating – 4
1 5 6 11
2 9 12 13
3 10 14 18
4 15 16 19
7 20 17 23
8 26 22
21 24


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