Training Sessions of the Beast Camp Week 1

Training sessions for the first couple of days of Beast Camp.

training sessions

Day 1:

Circuit of 20 exercises, plus star jumps as follows:

Perform exercise for 1 minute, run 10m, perform star jumps for 1 minute. move to next exercise until 20 are complete (10 star jumps and 10 exercise). 5 minute break then continue as previous but with 10 new exercises.

The exercise in no particular order were:
Press ups
Tricep dips
Squat thrusts
Mountain climbers
Side leg raises 30/30
hurdle hops
Zombies/spotty dogs
Dorsal raise
Side planks 30/30
Prtss ups
Ski jumps
Supine leg cycling
Arm circles
Squat jumps
Tuck jumps

Day 2:

3 sets of 20 minutes

Set 1: Skipping.

Set 2: Various isometric core exercises

Set 3: High knees in the sand pit. 1 minute on, 1 minute off.

Day 3:

To follow.

For motivation see The Sports Motivation Master Plan

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