Conscious Competence: Week 1 training summary

Week 1 of the season has gone well so far and we’ve started to move to conscious competence which is our aim for Xmas.

All the coaches have seen the direct effects of the new movement challenges and preparation, as I’m sure some of you have. The new movement patterns won’t automatically embed themselves though. Just because we see it in the preparation work, in the sessions doesn’t mean you’ve learned it.

There are four stages of skill acquisition as follows:

Unconscious Incompetence:

This means you can’t do something, or you don’t have a particular skill, but you don’t know. This is where we were before we started this training season. You didn’t realise until Craig came how poor the back side mechanics were.

Conscious Incompetence:

This is where we are now. You know you are struggling to learn a new movement pattern, but it’s difficult. It feels clumsy because you have to concentrate on the movement. It feel slow.

Conscious Competence:

This will be the future state where you can perform the movement when you mean to but if you stop thinking about it, you will lapse back into “bad habits”.

Unconscious Competence.

This is where the movement patter is so ingrained it feels natural. Like folding your arms. It’s an unconscious movement. You don’t think about it. Try folding them the other way. ┬áIf you are normal left over right, try right over left and see how it feels.

Weird right? Thats what we are trying to do at the moment. We’ve made you change arms (figuratively) and we won’t finish until you forget that you’re even doing the new movement, but this will take time.


The biggest thing you can do to accelerate this is to practice. If you feel you are struggling then practise at home. Do the “channel 4’s” with the thigh slap. At home, in your bedroom. You can do them on the sport. You will learn the movement and it will start to get easier.


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