Vitamins Workouts: Sprint Team

On the training plan, which will be uploaded tomorrow, there will be vitamin workouts scheduled.

These vitamin workouts will take about 20 minutes. That’s all. Do them three times per week. If you don;t have time, get out of bed 20 minutes earlier. Or 30 minutes if you want a shower!


Skip for 10 minutes. Keep the lower legs stiff and use your wrists not your arms. This is your warm up.

Speed Demons

This exercise works your core, but if you get it absolutely right, it will work your hip flexors. Keep you legs straight and your knees locked.

Find something to use as a weight. If you can’t feel it in your hips, either the weight isn’t heavy enough or you’re not doing it right. If you don’t have weights, use whatever is available. A bag of sand, a rucksack with things in it, your neighbours dog, your brother/sister. Whatever is available.

3 sets of 10 with 2 minutes recovery.

Glute Ham Raises

You need a partner for this. Control your down speed. Don;t push too hard or too long with your arms. The power should come from your ham strings and your butt (hence the name).

Trey Hardee Abs.

Finish with the Trey Hardees (called TH Abs) in the programme.

Exactly as in the video.

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