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I spend quite a while posting a blog on this site, linking it on twitter and Facebook and on the clubs page.

Then every session, every week, I get asked, what’s training today?

From now on, either read what I post in advance or learn as you go.

Our aim between now and Xmas is to resolve our technical issues with backside mechanics. That means that most of our Tuesday and Thursday work will be technical. Not all, but quite a lot. The bulk of the grunt work will be on Saturdays. Better light and more time.

Saturdays sessions are mandatory for group 1 and for those in group 2 who want to be in group 1. They start at 12 noon. The weights sessions beforehand are fro group 1 athletes or those who have been specifically invited by Coach Sutton.

Please note – for those in group 2 (or group 1 for that matter) who don’t turn up for training without my prior knowledge, you will be excluded from the sprint group. This is for two reasons as explained at the start of the season:

1. Training is progressive and people who come intermittently will get injured.

2. I have a large group and I would rather spend my (and Jenny, Sutts and Lucy’s) time on the people that are committed.

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