Sprint Training: Beast Camp is Over for another year

Beast camp is over for another year. The last session was a good one and probably the hardest one we have done, as intended.

Obviously there are a lot of you and only three of us coaches. Jenny and I will continue to coach the sprint training and the sprinters and Lucy will continue with the hurdlers.


Sprint Training

We are going to work slightly differently this year. All the hurdlers will be drawn from the sprint group. The quantity of hurdling will be lower, but the quality will be higher for two reasons.

1. Lucy will be focusing on a smaller group of hurdlers at any one time.

2. The hurdlers will be learning to sprint between the times Lucy is teaching them to hurdle.

A second change is that Aishlen Taylor will be coaching the multi event group. This will include all under 15s barring a few exceptions. This group will be coached in conjunction with the other event group coaches, but the training programme and lead coach for this group will be Ash.

The remainder of the sprint group will be split into two sections over the winter.  Although there will be some individual differences within this, the general principles will be as follows:

Group 1 will have the highest physical training load with 8 sessions planned per week. This will include a prescribed weights programme and additional home based conditioning sessions. The track sessions will be more technical and more time based. Because of the training load, these athletes will be monitored by Nathan Cobern of SP Therapists to detect possible injury.

Group 2 will have a lower training load. The Monday conditioning and Saturday track sessions will be optional as will the home sessions, although all will be welcome to participate. The track sessions for this group will be preparation and volume based.

All groups will do some form of hurdle training. This will not mean anyone is thrown into 10 flights of the 110m hurdles in any sessions. This will involve learning the movement patterns through drills, learning the rhythm of hurdling by using the micro hurdles and so on.

All groups will warm up together and therefore will be together for over half of the session.

Monday evening training will be at Bishop Wordsworth School with Mike Godddard from 7-8pm starting on 12 October. More detail can be found here:



Based on the output of Craig Pickering‘s session, we will focus on front side mechanics this year. This means two things:

1. The warm ups and drills will be specifically geared to front side mechanics and/or reducing backside mechanics.

2. Each session will involve “Pipe Runs”. This means that the build-ups at the end of each warm up will be run holding a plastic pipe behind the neck, to take the arms out of the movements. This is the drill we have designed to modify the front side mechanics, learned from Olympic Triple Jumper Kenta’a Bell.


There will be a lot of skipping this year. It will be specified in the home sessions (so you will need your own skipping ropes) and it will be in every warm up. The benefit of skipping is that it increases lower leg stiffness and this in turn reduces ground contact time and force production.

We are all looking forward to a great season. The full training plan will be posted over the weekend for the next 12 weeks.

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