Sprint Training Week 1

Tonight and Thursday will be the same sprint training session for both groups.

Our theme this year will be postural control and correcting front side mechanics (lack of). The next two sessions will be to learn the new movement challenges and preparation exercises and get the execution of these absolutely correct.

Mobility Preparation

Initially we will follow a mobility preparation exercises to get ready for the session ahead. This will be similar to what we did with Craig, a postural control/postural strength preparation phase:

800m jog to activate muscles, increase blood flow and raise core temperature.

10 minute skipping (two groups alternating with the mobility below)

Walking high knee

Walking forward lunge

Walking backward lunge

Side walks

Side walk crossovers

Pilates hip opening


Hip airplane


Straight leg scissors

A skip.

Movement Challenges

The movement challenges will be specifically focused on foot movement and front side mechanics. These will be:



Shin steps.

Step overs.

Step over/channel 4’s

Step over/channel 4’s/arm slaps.

Pipe Runs

The next stage will be pipe runs. These will help to improve postural mechanics and will build on the previous drills. The aim will be to run at an increasing speed, maintaining excellent sprint mechanics without using the arms for counterbalance. A plastic pipe will be held across the shoulders to lock the arms in place.

These will be done at 50% upwards, depending on the session and the ability of the athlete to maintain posture at higher speed.

After this week, this will become our standard preparation for the specify sprint session.

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