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Stairway to Heaven

No, not the Led Zeppelin track. A killer session running up stairs. Stairway to Heaven it is. There may be death involved.

Continuing our ‘Training to Train’ theme, Tuesday’s session will be as simple as running up stairs.

Stairway to Heaven

There are roughly 128 steps. Call it 120 to help with numbers (3 flights of 40 with half landings).

Session is:

Run up steps, 1 foot per step x 3

Run up, 2 feet per step, right foot first x 1

Run up, 2 feet per step, left foot first x 1

Hop left to first land, switch to right, then back to left

Same but start right leg.

Run up 1 foot per second step x 2


Back to track for drills.


Christmas Workouts

Christmas Workouts

In terms of running workouts, grass or track and do the following (depending on how you feel and the conditions). Use your experience to warm up correctly.

1. Speedmakers – 3 sets of 2x laps 60 acceleration/40 float with 50m recovery between sprints and 15 minutes between sets. This is a very tough workout and you will possibly be sick by the end. Don’t let that worry you. It’s supposed to be.

2. Turnabouts – 3x3x60m with turnabout recovery and 20min between sets. This will be hard during the sets if you run it about 95% but you should recover enough between sets that it won’t make you sick 😉 Time yourself if you can as it will make sure you’re maintaining speed.

3. RAST – 6 reps of 35m as fast as possible with a 10 second turnabout. (Yes that is 10 seconds). Time each run and record it, then send it across to me. This will be hard if you do it properly even though it sounds like a quick session (which it is)

Christmas Workouts

Athletics Indoor Season 2014/5

Winter Competitions are as follows:

December 14 – Enfield and Haringey Open Meeting

Entry form can be found here

This is a ‘warm up’ event. A pre-season friendly if you like.

We are considering taking a mini bus but this will only be organised if there are sufficient entries.

As you will see on the same link, there is also a competition on the 04 January. I will not be going to that one, but you are free to enter if you like. Please let me know you’re going though and what you’re entering.

January 17/18 SEAA Under20/Sen Championships

These are the South of England Indoor Champs.

Entry can be found here

Jenny, Lucy and/or I may be going to these, but there will be no mini-bus. This is the main indoor competition for most of you but you need to organise your own transport.

January 10/11 SEAA Under15/17 Championships

Same goes as above.

These are the South of England Indoor Champs.

Entry can be found here

Jenny, Lucy and/or I may be going to these, but there will be no mini-bus. This is the main indoor competition for most of you but you need to organise your own transport.

National Age Group Championships 7-8 March

England Athletics Website is down as I write. I’ll update  this later.

However the entry standard for 2013 (the only one I’ve got on my computer) are below. If you are within these standards, or close, you should enter!

entry standards

Other events

London Indoor Games Sen/U20 31 Jan/01 Feb

London Indoor Games U17 24 Jan

London Indoor Games U15 25 Jan

British Indoor Championships 14-15 February

Plastic Brits and the Postcode Lottery



Desire and Motivation – Time to choose who you are

The ‘Duvet’ moment – the point when all hinges on whether you kick off the duvet or hit the snooze button.

Where everything stems from – the training session and another day of progress, or the lazy day that you regret and can never get back.

Desire and Motivation

Desire and Motivation

Do you have the desire to kick off that duvet? Which athlete are you going to be?

Read more about the ‘duvet’ moment in The Sports Motivation Masterplan on 01 September.


Talent + Hard Work = Success

If you have earned your talent and you are putting in the work, then you WILL be successful.

It is a simple equation. Almost a law of nature.

Talent + Hard Work = Success.

Talent Hard Work Success

It’s as easy as 2+2 and as simple as A-B-C

You don’t need to be a genius to work it out, but you do need to be an athlete to end at the outcome!

Find out how to create your own version of the equation – Read The Sports Motivation Masterplan on 01 September – before your competition does!

Obstacles to Success

Obstacles to success are temporary. Change your language. Use the word “YET” more often. Everyone hits obstacles. Something is in your way, a person, a competitor, an injury, so you haven’t achieved what you wanted to achieve……..YET!

Obstacles to success

Obstacles to Success – How to overcome them.

To overcome your obstacles you can’t let them defeat you. Change your mindset. Look past them to see where you are going and they will become smaller.

The Sports Motivation Masterplan will help you. Released on 01 September. Click here for more information.












Training Systems

You may not be aware but there are many training systems and philosophies that a coach can follow. Do we start with short and fast and then build up to longer distances or do we start with volume and gradually reduce the distance but increase the speed. Or something else?

Training Systems – which one is best?

I don’t believe there is a right and wrong. People have favourites. I have favourites. I don’t do the same thing each year.

To read more about training systems, see my article on here


My book The Sports Motivation Master Plan deals with becoming an intelligent athlete. For any runner to read will help you become one.

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Pacing 400m

To gain 0.5 second in a training macro-cycle is a very stretching target even for athletes in their teens. Hours and hours of training is spent on skill acquisition, fine-tuning technical models, lactic tolerance, speed, power, weights, intensive and extensive tempos. But the simple fact is, you might find that the biggest one-off gain that you can make will be in reading Jimson’s posts on pacing 400m and implementing them.

Learn more about pacing 400m

To find out how to pacing 400m can be correctly understood and developed, see this link.

I wrote the article, so you can be sure it’s a good one!

pacing 400m

To know more about how to research your event and become a better athlete see The Sports Motivation Masterplan

Winners imagine their dreams


Imagine your dreams

Want to be a winner? How do you go about imagining your dreams. Sounds simple until you think about it. Don’t worry, The Sports Motivation Masterplan is released on 15 September. You will find out how in Chapter 1!

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