The Sports Motivation Masterplan

The book The Sports Motivation Masterplan launches soon.

Watch the animation below about Sports Motivation and the Athlete Performance Triad. Just click on it to start. You can either navigate with the arrows on the screen, or click on the small icon in the bottom right hand corner and set the timer to either 4s or 10s – depending on how fast you can read!

I believe that talent is not given and that no-one is born with it; talent is earned and anyone can earn it if they have the desire. The Sports Motivation Masterplan has been written for athletes, coaches and the parents of those athletes, who want to earn their talent and become the best at what they do.

Reading this book will start you off on a long hard road which will help you reach the top of your sport. It is about the grit and the grind of starting out as an athlete. It is about how your life is affected by your journey and how you have to adapt to be successful. Being successful in sport is not about where you come from, having a privileged background or a poor one is irrelevant, for every sporting great from one background there will be one from the opposite end of the spectrum and everything in between.

Sports Motivation
On your marks. The Sports Motivation Masterplan launches soon!

This book is about making the opportunities happen, rather than waiting for them and hoping they will. It is about preparing yourself and putting yourself in the right place. It is about dealing with adversity, overcoming all the obstacles and defeating the odds – because the odds are against you. You can overcome the odds, but it is a long road and the sooner you start and the harder you work, the sooner you can get to where you want to be.

Launches 14 September 2014!

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