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Training Schedule: Beast Camp

Training Schedule for this week:

City of Salisbury A and RC Sprint Team Beast Camp training schedule for week 22 September to 28 September.

Monday: 6pm at Hudson’s field. Meet at Car park.

Tuesday: 6:30pm at the track

Thursday: 6:30pm at the track

Saturday: 10:30am at the track

Further updates at https://www.facebook.com/groups/cityofsalisburyarc/

training schedule

Sprinting – the strength of the group

Track and field is an individual sport in the main and sprinting is an individual event.

However, training isn’t an individual thing and training is where most of the time is spent. It is in training where the strength of the training group is so important.

In our current group we now have the following statistics:

2014 County Athletics Champions: 9

Wiltshire Athletics Association Athlete of the year 2014: 3

Wiltshire Sport Young Sports personality of the year: 1

Wiltshire Athletics Association Records held: 6

City of Salisbury ARC records held: 41

Yes that’s right, the current sprint group holds 41 club records right now (once they are fully updated!).

The way a training group works is that it is a pyramid. The guys at the top set the standard and the kids coming through emulate what they do in training, how hard they work, the things that they do. That means the kids coming through have even more chance of becoming better. It is how talent hotspots are created. It is why Jamaica is so good at sprinting right now, because the guys at the top are so good, it pulls everyone else through. Warren Weir is in the same training group as Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake. He is young, but he is learning from the best in the world, the best there’s ever been. He may well overtake them in the end, because that is how it works.

And that’s how it will work for us. When Jake broke the records at Under 17, they had been around a long time. They only lasted a year and then Austen broke them again. Jon and Jacob might well break Austen’s next year. That’s how it is. That’s exactly how we want it.

You are in a great position in this group. Never look at the likes of Jake, Austen and Lizzie and think that couldn’t be you. At your age, they were looking at Rich and Nathan and Millie and thinking the same, but it is always because of the athletes that go before you, that you have the opportunity to be as good as you are. Jake has a great deal to thank Rich and Nathan for and he knows and really does appreciate what they did for him.