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Has your ship come in yet?

Has you ship come in yet? Really?

There you are, patiently waiting for it to come along and pick you up and it hasn’t happened.

Of course it hasn’t. Opportunity NEVER comes knocking. Not really. YOU create opportunities.

ship come in
Has you ship come in yet?

If you ship hasn’t come in, swim out to it!

Stop waiting, take the bull by the horns and take charge of your sporting destiny.

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Success or failure; My Choice, My responsibility

The only person who can decide whether you will succeed or fail is you.

No-one can make you feel like you won’t succeed without your permission.

How you perceive obstacles is your choice. Are they challenges, or insurmountable?

Only you can choose.

Success or Failure

Image courtesy of Rama V.

Success or Failure

What will you choose? Success or failure? Challenge or Insurmountable Obstacle?

The choice is yours, but see The Sports Motivation Masterplan to help you make it.


Sports Motivation: Be the first you

Too many people try to be the next somebody. The next Michael Jordan, or the next Muhammed Ali or whoever.

Why would you want to be someone else?

Sports Motivation

Sports Motivation is about being the first You!

The Sports Motivation Master Plan is about being the first you, not the next anyone else.

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