Airofit Active Breathing Trainer

Airofit Active Breathing Trainer

"Airofit is the world’s only SMART inspiratory and expiratory trainer designed to unlock your breathing capacity so you can perform better."

  • Inspiratory and expiratory training
  • Guided training programmes
  • Adjustable resistance levels 
  • General training history
  • 2 year warranty
  • Our Expert Opinion

    The perfect entry level respiratory trainer with expert guided training. We love how simple the process is. Select your goal and Airofit creates a programme telling you how often, how long for and how to breathe. 

    Breathing training is complex so having instructions on your technique are vital to training correctly and more importantly producing the results you want. Each programme and breathing pattern is based on countless years of research giving you a training system designed to produce results.

Faster, stronger, better endurance

Weak respiratory muscles limit the amount of air you can breathe in and out of your body. They also get tired faster causing them to steal more oxygen from your arms and legs making you tired quicker. Active comes with 6 inspiratory and expiratory resistance levels designed to isolate and strength train your breathing muscles. Stronger breathing muscles allow you to supply more oxygen to your muscles while using less energy. Now your muscles can go further, faster and longer than before, spending just 10 minutes training a day. 

Expert guidance, effective training

Training without the right technique and programming limits your results. The exercises you carry out should depend on your goal and match the way your respiratory muscles function. The Airofit app gives you goal specific programmes based on countless hours of studies, working alongside world class athletes. This is condensed into a simple training schedule and instructions so your breathing the right way to get the results you want.

Get your breath back

Breathlessness stops us enjoying everyday life. Whether it's not being able to go for long walks or doing your favourite hobby. Although not a clinical device, Airofit was designed originally to help with people suffering from respiratory problems such as asthma and COPD. It’s helped many users suffering from such problems and works in the same way as medical approved devices. 

There are different types and degrees of respiratory conditions so we advise consulting a doctor first before using.

Airofit has amplified the benefits of respiratory training by created a training system to focus your training so you can feel more energised and live life to the full. The wellness program was made to improve your everyday health and quality of life.

Destress and sleep better

Better breathing control makes us happier and healthier. Active comes with a mindfulness programme designed to slow down your breathing in order to wind down your body. These breathing techniques reduce stress and soothe your body. This leaves you feeling more relaxed throughout the day and can improve sleep by relaxing both mind and body beforehand. Feel calmer, sleep better and live happier.

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Airoft Active Technical Specifications

Airofit User Manual Here

Unit dimensions: L 7cm W: 7.7cm D: 2.7cm 

Weight: 45g including the mouthpiece

Materials: ABS plastic (housing), silicone (valves), and TPE (mouthpiece)

Standards: Your Airofit BASIC is produced according to ISO 13485: 2016 MEDICAL DEVICES

What does Airofit Active measure?

Active allows you to review your training history. It shows you what sessions you have done and what days you have trained.

How long should I use Airofit a day?

Airofit is very time effective considering the benefits.

Start off with two 5 minute sessions a day. Work up to two 10 minute sessions a day for optimal results.

Always listen to your body. If training becomes too intense you should take a break.

How do I use Airofit?

Airofit should only be used outside of physical activity. This is so we can isolate your respiratory muscles to train them effectively. This maximises improvements in strength, muscle growth and most importantly breathing capacity.

How does Airofit work?

Airofit contains two resistance wheels providing adjustable resistance against your breathing. One is for inspiration and one is for expiration. Air goes in through one resistance wheel into your mouth and out of your mouth into the other wheel. You can follow the expert guidance on the Airofit app to perfect your technique and training to maximise muscle growth. This so your breathing muscles can become faster, more efficient and stronger.

What makes Airofit Active different?

Airofit is one of the only breathing trainers in the world which trains both inspiration and expiration. This allows you to maximise the air you can breathe in and out of your lungs by developing the specific muscles involved. Both are important for stopping breathlessness and improving performance whether in sport or everyday life.

Unlike other breathing trainers Airofit comes with an app to systemise your training to prevent guess work and unproductive training. It gives you a breathing programme based on your goal showing exactly how to perform each exercise. This makes sure you are on the right track to produce the results you want. 

Is there an age limit for using Airofit?

There is no age limit for using Airofit. We strongly advice training with adult supervision if you are under 15.

Can Airofit help with respiratory problems like asthma?

Airofit was originally designed to help with asthma and COPD as respiratory training is known to relieve these symptoms. Although Airofit isn’t a medical device, it works exactly like other medical approved devices. There has been plenty of positive feedback from users suffering from these problems when using Airofit. 

Respiratory training improves your tidal volume which is the amount of air we breathe in and out in one cycle. This reduces shortness of breath especially when we are walking or exercising and prevents us from wasting energy due to inefficient breathing muscles. 

It’s important to remember that our individual conditions are different so we would recommend consulting with a doctor first.