Achedaway Cupper Smart Cupping Therapy Massager

Achedaway Cupper Smart Cupping Therapy Massager

"Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of red light therapy, cupping and massage thanks to smart cupping. Decompress, regain movement and speed up recovery."

  • Powerful and rhythmic suction for deep relief
  • Customisable smart cupping
  • 5 modes and 5 intensities
  • Red light therapy
  • 3 different sized cup attachments
  • 12 month warranty
  • Free UK Delivery
  • Our Expert Opinion

    Achedaway Cupper simplifies and enhances your cupping experience. Electronic suction means you don’t have to heat any cups and worry about your device not sticking. It also provides a more powerful suction than standard cuppers, giving you deeper relief.  

    It’s different in that it decompresses your muscles which delivers a uniquely soothing experience compared to traditional myofascial release which relies on compression. We loved the different modes and intensities allowing you to tailor your massage like a professional therapist. It’s great for pinpoint relief. 

Unlock tension, regain mobility 

Release your deepest tension and stress. Electronic cupping provides a more powerful suction and rhythmically alternates between suction and release. This gives you a more intense, trigger point massage whilst mobilising your tissues so you can relieve pain and free yourself up to feel and move better.

Relax and heal 

Give tired and fatigued muscles a boost. Dynamic cupping boosts circulation to the targeted area via powerful suction, speeding up your recovery. Red light therapy also helps improve blood flow, whilst improving cell function and decreasing inflammation. This supercharges your recovery so you can feel you best sooner.

Tailored massage to your needs

Standard cupping doesn’t vary in intensity and doesn’t massage your muscles. This can limit your pain relief and healing benefits. Achedaway Cupper comes with five different app controlled programmes. This alternates patterns of suction and release along with intensity so you can optimise your treatment. You can also control the intensity of red light to customise your therapy based on what your body responds to best.

Easy to use and adaptable

Heating a normal cupper up and making it stick can be difficult and time consuming. Electronic suction removes both these problems for a seamless experience. 3 unique cup attachments allow you to effectively treat different sized and shaped areas. Whether it’s your back, hamstrings or calves, the cupper is compact and dynamic enough to relieve hard to reach areas.

What is Dynamic Cupping?

Standard cupping involves heating a cup and placing it on the body. As the air within the cup cools it creates a vacuum causing your skin to rise and blood to rise to the skin surface.

Dynamic cupping involves electronic suction to create a more powerful suction, whilst interchanging between suction and release. This simulates myofascial release by stretching and then releasing your muscle tissue like a massage to relieve tension and stress. 

Cupping draws fluid into the area and towards the surface. It also breaks tiny blood vessels under the skin. This causes your body to treat this area like an injury activating your body’s natural healing process and increasing blood flow to the area. This promotes cell repair and health as well as regenerating blood vessels. You are effectively resetting a specific target area. 

Achedaway comes with red light therapy to enhance your cupping experience. Red light has multiple benefits including improving cell function and repair. It is also known to reduce inflammation, improve skin health and speed up healing.

Who can Benefit?

Achedaway cupping is great for general massage therapy or to aid sports recovery. It provides targeted, trigger point relief to manage pain and release tension.

Rhythmic suction decompresses and loosens up the muscle to help regain mobility. Powerful suction and red light therapy increases blood flow to the area to help reset and accelerate the healing process. 

Whether it’s tension preventing you from living everyday life or just wanting to speed up sports recovery, dynamic cupping is an effective tool for targeted treatment. It unlocks muscle tension, improves movement and enhances muscle recovery.

It’s perfect if you want to do cupping to yourself safely and effectively with customised treatments based on your needs.

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Achedaway Pro Technical Specifications

Weight: 0.44 Ibs / 200g

Dimensions: 3.7×3.7×2.83 inches

Battery Life: 3 Hrs

Charging Time: 2.5 Hrs

Suction Intensity: -60~0 kPa

Wavelength: 630-670nm

What are the benefits of Achedaway cupping?

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Speed up recovery
  • Improve cell health
  • Reduce pain and aches
  • Improve relaxation
  • Increase mobility and flexibility
  • Decrease stiffness and tension
  • Decompression of the muscle

Should I choose the Single or Pair cupper?

The single is great if you want to treat small areas as you don’t need to keep moving the device around.

The pair allows you to treat twice the area in half the time. It’s also good for treating symmetrical areas of the body at the same time to relieve pain. For example the lower back or traps.

What are the different programs on the Achedaway app?

You can choose from five different programs: 

Active mode - Intervals of short suctions

Soothing mode - Alternating between quick and slow suction

Deep mode - Higher intensity suction

Professional mode - Continuous suction without any release or interval

Continual mode - Triple suction followed by a release.

All modes automatically last 12 minutes except for the continual mode which lasts until you stop it

Is this dry or wet cupping?

It is dry cupping.

How should I use the cupper?

Cupping is an individual experience as we all prefer different levels of intensity and time. Play around with different settings and red light intensity to see what works for you. Always use it according to the instructions.

We advise using a higher intensity level on the smaller cups as they typically exert less suction pressure.

My cupper has no suction, what should I do?

Make sure your attachment is fastened tightly into the cupper then apply it to the body.