Our Story

New PB was founded with one core purpose: to transform the way you live, feel and perform whether it be in sport or everyday life. With the right tools and application, you can improve your physical health and unlock your body's natural potential.

Our mission is to provide you with the physical wellness expertise you need so you can overcome your physical pain points in order to transform the way you live, feel and perform. 

We are experts in physical wellness, specialising in four key areas:   

Sleep: Aiding you to monitor and improve your sleep quality

Physical Activity: Helping you return to or improve your level of physical activity 

Avoidance of Injury and Harm: Reducing injury risk and stress on your body

Self-Management: Empowering you take responsibility for your physical health so you can manage acute and chronic conditions.

Meet the team

New PB was founded by two sports enthusiasts and brothers, Harry and Bill Deol. 

Harry is a certified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer as well as a keen footballer. He is interested in the recovery and mobility side of physical wellness. After battling his own injuries he is passionate about finding new ways to strengthen the body.

Bill is a big sports fan and avid gym goer. He is passionate about the effect of nutrition and sleep on the body and more specifically its effect 

on our everyday wellbeing and quality of life.

Whether you are an athlete or sedentary, our goal is to help you achieve your New PB, your new personal best.