Airofit PRO Respiratory Trainer

Airofit PRO Respiratory Trainer

"Airofit is the world’s only SMART inspiratory and expiratory trainer designed to unlock your breathing capacity so you can perform better."


  • Inspiratory and expiratory training
  • Expert app-guided training with Bluetooth
  • Live guidance and feedback
  • Data-driven, personalised training
  • 17 advanced breathing exercises
  • Free UK Delivery
  • Our Expert Opinion

    Airofit have created the first breath training system on the market. The virtual mobile app gives you complete guidance on your training, relevant to your goal and daily performance. Every breath is measured and every programme is customised based on your ability. 

    Being able to see how to breathe, how you have performed each session and knowing what exercises to do each day takes the guess work out, making progression much easier.

Faster, stronger, more endurance

When your breathing muscles can’t keep up with your body they fatigue which limits your performance. Airofit PRO is designed with six inspiratory and expiratory adjustable resistance levels to isolate and strengthen these muscles. Stronger respiratory muscles means more oxygen in and more CO2 out of the body, while your lungs use less oxygen to function. This means faster running times, more powerful lifts and increased endurance.

Performance based training, maximise results

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. Airofit PRO is an advanced training system which tracks every single breath. Every session is optimised based on a regular lung test. Each breath has live guidance and is assessed to perfect your technique, analyse your performance and maximise your progress. You can also track your performance in detail over the last 30 days. The PRO also gives you 17 advanced breathing exercises suited to your unique goal.  

Your vital lung capacity, inspiratory pressure and expiratory pressure are constantly measured. 

This allows you to track your respiratory strength and breathing capacity whilst letting the app set the exact difficulty you need to progress quickly

Beat breathlessness

Being breathless limits our ability to enjoy daily activities. Even something as simple as a walk or keeping up with your favourite hobby. Airofit isn’t a medical device but it was originally designed to help people suffering from asthma, COPD and other respiratory problems. It’s had a lot of praise from users with these problems and works similarly to medically approved respiratory trainers. 

Of course there are variations in our respiratory conditions so it is advised that you consult a doctor before using.

Airofit’s training system is designed to maximise your ability to improve your breathing so you can take full advantage of your lungs to live life to your best. The wellness program is designed to improve your health and everyday quality of life.

Destress and sleep better

Controlling our breath is one key to a healthier and happier life. PRO comes with a mindfulness program to help with different aspects of recovery including sleep and stress. Long inhale and exhale relaxes and unwinds your body. This switches on your body’s rest mode which helps improves your sleep quality. This means you feel better, healthier and happier.

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Airoft Pro Technical Specifications

Airofit User Manual Here

Power: 1 x 3.7V Lithium Ion Button - Cell Type Battery

Rechargeable: Yes, With Micro USB Plug

Unit Dimensions: L: 7cm, W: 7.7cm, D: 2.7cm

Materials: ABS Plastic (Housing), Silicone (Valves), TPE (Mouthpiece)

Cable: Micro USB 2.0

Charger: CE Certified USB Charger - 5V/min 100mA

Applications With Smartphones: Works with iOS 11 or newer and Android 7 or newer

Environment: Operating and Charging Temperature: 5°C to 45°C

Standards: Produced according to ISO 13485

What's Included

  • Airofit PRO trainer
  • Extra mouth piece
  • Micro USB cable
  • User Manual

*Airofit app can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play Store.

Please note that Airofit is compatible with iOS version 11 or newer, and Android version 7 or newer